Saturday, 7 April 2012

Forever 21 Nautical

Forever 21 Nautical
All Weather Beach Look
Forever 21
A casual style picked out from Forever 21. Ideal for the beach, in all kinds of weather!

Nautical themes have been with us since Spring 2011 and show no signs of going away. Maybe in part due to the anniversary of the titanic, or perhaps it is circumstance, either way everyone is embracing this theme.
Giving into popular opinion we have created an affordable style set for everyday wear or for the beach, in all kinds of weather, hence the scarf and the cardigan; if you're from the UK, you'll know this is essential for the summer wardrobe. Just to give ourselves an extra challenge all the items you see in the set are from Forever 21. Every item in this set can be found on the Forever 21 US website, in GBP if you click on the Union Jack. They also ship to the UK for FREE on orders over £50. This whole set comes to a total of £44.02 ($65.91), so if you want to take advantage of the free shipping you could add another few pairs of flip flops!
What do you think of this look?

GET THE LOOK! These are the items in the look. All the items are available now, at time of posting. If you see something you like in the set just click on the picture and you'll be taken straight to the retailer's website. If you would like to see more of ASGs styles, click on the banner at the bottom of this post.

  • "Essential Fit & Flare Dress, Navy" £4.92 ($7.80)
  • "Open Pattern Sweater" £10.80 ($15.89)
  • "Sailor Tote" £12.49 ($19.80)
  • "Classic Flip Flops, Navy" £1.77 ($2.80)
  • "Two-Tone Straw Fedora" £6.18 ($9.80)
  • "Frayed Stripes Scarf, White" £4.29 ($6.80)
  • "F0047 Square Sunglasses" £3.66 ($5.80)

You can also find this set on Polyvore. Forever 21 Nautical by ArtzStyleGuru. 'Follow' us and we will be sure to 'follow' you.

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