Thursday, 5 April 2012

Introduction to ASG

Seeing as this is the first post I ought to introduce Artz Style Guru. You can call us an ASGs, Artz Style Gurus, and we are a few of many. Artz is a term that was picked up to describe all forms of creativity, be it photography, doodling, fashion design, sewing and the such. As ASGs we take inspiration from all around me and use many mediums to express ourselves. Bet you're an ASG too. Anyone who wants to take a photo of a sunset or just wants to get creative with writing (blogging) is an ASG. We use the term guru because a lot of the time we share our ideas with our friends, family, and some form of online community, therefore offering advice; so guru. 

Our main passion is fashion, sewing and usually doodling ideas on pieces of paper, which tend to float around the house until their found again and we say 'oh yeah'. BUT we hate throwing them away because it's like we're empting our mind of creativity. So, this blog, to get to the point in a roundabout way, is a homage to ASGs  creativity, lest those ideas go to waste!

Adieu Mes Amis.

x ASG x

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