Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Laid-Back Lace?

One of the key pieces in everyone's wardrobe this spring is a lacey item. We love lace, it radiates romance, accentuates femininity and adds a little 'je ne sais quoi' to every style. To add a little twist to this classic wardrobe item Vogue suggest going Tomboy, for a unique but oh so special look. Here at ASG we have put together a look on Polyvore inspired by the Laid-Back Lace article on Vogue.

Tomboy (Laid-Back) Lace by artzstyleguru
Tomboy (Laid-Back) Lace

Satin Tops: Take the edge of your tomboyish laid-back lace look
with these elegant satin tops.

Masculine Messenger Shorts: Brown shorts to show off those lovely legs
in your tomboy look.

Lacey Shoes: Perfect for adding a bit of girly lace
to a tomboyish outfit.

Lovely Lace Tops: Make a feature of your lace
in these fantastic feminine tops.

Tomboyish Holey Ripped Jeans: Distressed skinny jeans
to contrast with feminine lace.

Selection of Chunky Boots: Nothing screams tomboy more
than a pair of chunky brown boots.

Brown Messenger Bags: Get a chunky "boy" look with these fabulous bags.

For more looks and styles check out ASGs Stylebook on ShopStyle. 

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