Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sorel Super Boots Only £54!!

OK, so they're not that stylish but hardly anyone talks about practical fashion these days. So we go out on a limb to recommend to you, because we know how you all love a good deal, these Super boots, as hence forth they shall be dubbed, from Sorel. The best bit, they are now only £54 down from £99. Hold on, maybe we should back up a bit and tell you why they're so great and why we want you to know about them!

"Festival Chic" or the boho/hobo look is on trend, but one of our ASGs has always dressed this way and is experienced in getting this look right. The other day, when she walked into the office wearing these Super Boots, some leggings and a baggy jumper she looked like an experienced woman of the world, windswept and interesting. Our mouths were agape at the sheer celebrity style look she had donned, and thought that she could be a visionary and fashion icon, but her look was a practical rather than a fashionable choice. 

As, I'm sure everyone knows, in Britain it rains like a son of a *ahem*, so when these Cali girls are wearing their gladiator sandals, flip flops and cork wedges, us Brits have to be a little bit more practical when achieving a festival look. You may say these are for winter but we say no way! If it's cold and wet you can wear them, and you'll be in good company. Many a fashionable Celeb has been spotted in Sorels, with the likes of Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson, and Elle McPherson being at the top of the list. These babies are also super comfy, super warm and super waterproof, and well worth the money because they'll last a super long time. We love Sorel Boots and reckon you should too. What do you think?

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